Bosch iRace 2w Batteries

  • Product information

    100% maintenance-free! Fit it, forget it.

    Introducing iRace, the next-generation 2-wheeler battery from Bosch.

    Internationally renowned for providing bikers with parts and components of the highest quality, Bosch has yet again raised the bar with iRace. A 100% maintenance-free, VRLA battery, Bosch iRace features advanced AGM technology and a host of unmatched benefits, giving you the power to race ahead with complete freedom, every time you ride.


    The superior technical features of Bosch iRace are designed for maximum performance and a powerful riding experience.

    • Quick engine starts
    • Zero maintenance
    • Minimal self-discharge
    • Longer service life of the battery
    • Improved resistance to vibration
  • Technical Specifications

    Advantage VRLA

    The vents in conventional batteries often cause a loss of electrolyte. Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) technology, featured in Bosch iRace, immobilises the electrolyte to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon. It also has special plates that stop gases from escaping, thereby preventing water loss.

    The AGM Edge

    Bosch iRace is equipped with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. A fine fibreglass mat placed within the plates immobilises the absorbed acid, making it available to the plates. This mechanism allows for quicker reaction time between the acid and the plates.