Bosch Glide

  • Product Information

    Bosch Glide - mono grade gear oils are formulated with extreme pressure additives to provide protection to the automotive gear components by effective lubrication in transmissions & axle drives where GL4 quality oils are specified. The mono grade gear oils are available in viscosities of 90 & 140 in the GL4 category. Bosch glide is recommended for use in gear boxes & differentials of trucks, buses, tractors, LCVs, MUVs & cars wherever the transmissions & transaxles require oils meeting GL4 specifications


    • The Extreme pressure additives provide excellent protection to gears and protect them against wear and scoring even under heavy duty conditions.
    • High oxidation stability minimizes sludge and deposit formation facilitating longer gear and bearing life
    • Effective rust and corrosion protection reduces wear and extends component life at low ambient temperatures
    • Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication
    • Excellent seal compatibility helps minimize leakages and reduces the chances of contamination
  • Typical Characteristics
    Characteristics Gear Oil 90 Gear Oil 140
    Color Bright & clear Bright & clear
    Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC 16.5 – 18 24 – 33
    Viscosity Index (minimum) 90 Min 90 Min
    Flash Point (COC), ºC min. 180 Min 190 Min
    Pour Point, ºC max ( - ) 9 ( - ) 3