Power Steering Oil

  • Product Information

    Bosch ATF TASA fluid is formulated to meet general motors automatic transmission fluid specifically required for synchromesh transmission and power steering pumps. It is blended from specially selected base oil fortified with multinational additives to impart anti-oxidation, anti-wear, discrepancy and desired friction characteristics. Due to its high viscosity index, low pour point, it assure quiet and smooth operations under all climatic conditions. Bosch ATF TASA is recommended for use in power steering units of trucks and cars wherever the OEM recommends the use of oil meeting TASA requirements


    • Higher viscosity Index leading to smoother operation, over a wide range of ambient temperatures.
    • Enhanced Low temperature fluidity assist in good cold start performance
    • Reduced tendency to foam leading to smoother gear shifts.
    • Provides good protection against rust and corrosion ensuring long trouble-free life of gears, bearings and other lubricated parts.
    • Provides good anti wear protection to critical parts resulting in smooth, chatter-free, clutch engagement.
  • Typical Characteristics
    Characteristics ATF Type A
    Color Red
    Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC 7.8
    Viscosity Index (minimum) 168
    Flash Point (COC), ºC min. 208
    Pour Point, ºC max ( - ) 39