Global Packaging Design

  • Retail Packaging

    The mark of top-class quality: the new Bosch packaging.

    Top quality is the trademark of Bosch products. The attractive new packaging design captures customers’ attention. It makes sure that Bosch quality is clear from the very first glance and is recognizable worldwide. The new packaging will be introduced gradually, replacing the current one on the Bosch shelf over time.

    The new packaging is coordinated with the Bosch product program's multi-line concept. Multi-line means that different options (lines) are available within the same product family. This gives customers and those interested in the products an even larger range to choose from.

    The new packaging design makes the various product lines easily discernible at a glance. The main line of a product family can be easily recognized by the blue packaging. A maximum of two additional product lines are possible, with gray and black packaging. They are used for differentiation within a product family, in order to satisfy specific demands and requirements.

    Blue packaging

    The blue packaging represents the standard Bosch application for the respective automobiles. Blue is the company colour and therefore makes the main line in a product family easily recognizable


    Black packaging

    Tuning, high-performance or special requirements on new generation or premium vehicles are examples of where the black packaging is used.

    Grey packaging

    The grey packaging is used for parts for older vehicles as well as for used vehicles and vehicles with low mileage


    Benefits of retail packaging

    Product image

    For quickly finding and identifying a Bosch product on the shelf

    Attractive design

    High-quality design for packaging top-quality Bosch products

    Brand ribbon with Bosch logo

    So you can be sure it's Bosch

    Highly robust

    To reliably protect the product

    Environmentally friendly

    Consistent consideration for high environmental standards in material selection and manufacturing up to the option of environmentally friendly disposal (recycling)


  • Workshop Packaging

    Making work easier for the professionals: workshop packaging

    The new packaging design will be implemented in all areas. The new design of the workshop packaging also benefits the workshops themselves.

    Bosch has reworked its workshop packaging and provided it with the benefits of the new design. The new workshop packaging is globally standardized and enables quick and simple brand recognition.