Horns and Fanfare

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    Perfecting the art of sound for 100 years!

    Horns and fanfares in motor vehicles are particularly important in emergency situations for the vehicle driver to warn pedestrians and motorists. Whether it is the city roads or the highway, Bosch horns have been designed keeping the discerning motorist in mind.

    Bosch horns are tested under rigorous operating conditions, including tests for vibration and corrosion resistance, continuous blasts, endurance, water and dampness resistance, temperature and stability etc. With outstanding construction, consistent performance and continuous innovation as their hallmarks, Disc and fanfare horns from Bosch are used across vehicle segments ranging from 2 wheelers to commercial vehicles.


    • Available in both 12V and 24V - can be used in all vehicles
    • Attractive design
    • Updated technology
    • Good sturdy packaging
    • Products within Indian standards
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