• Product Information

    Due to rising demands for safety, comfort, convenience and complex systems that reduce emissions and fuel consumption, the need of electrical energy in vehicles will continue to increase. This means that a reliable supply of electrical energy with improved efficiency becomes one of the most important development targets for new vehicles. Bosch has over 90 years of experience in the development and manufacture of generators. A leader in know-how that is extremely beneficial to motorists and vehicle manufacturers alike. Excellent examples of our competence and innovative ability are our Baseline, Midline and Highline generators for passenger cars. With this range of Generators, Bosch covers a wide range of applications, offering solutions to match every requirement.


    • Reduced fuel consumption
    • Protection against voltage spikes for all electrical and electronic components
    • More freedom for application engineering
    • High reliability
    • Adaptability to extreme climatic conditions
    • Low maintenance, high life of carbon brush, slip rings and bearings