Common Rail Systems

  • Product Information

    While other diesel injection systems generate the fuel pressure for each injection separately, the Common Rail System separates pressure generation and injection from one another. The fuel is constantly available at the pressure required for injection.

    The Common Rail System is modular in design. The right combination of high-pressure pump, injectors, rail and electronic control unit results in systems for all types of engine. Conventional injection systems can be replaced with the Common Rail System with relatively few changes. The injectors can be fitted in the cylinder head like a nozzle-holder combination, and the high-pressure pump replaces the one previously used.


    • Designed for injection pressures of up to 1350 bar
    • An inlet metered pump


    • Clean and highly efficient fuel injection thanks to extremely short injection gaps and multiple injections
    • High engine performance and quiet running with low fuel consumption and fewer emissions
    • Systems to match all types of engine thanks to modular design
    • BS IV Compliant
    • Suitable for installation in passenger car and commercial vehicles