The Distributor Type Injection Pump with Electronic Diesel Control (VE-EDC)

  • Product Information

    The current development trends of automotive diesel engines are governed primarily by requirements for clean exhaust, improved fuel economy, and drivability. The historical pre-eminence given to pure power/torque generation has hence taken a backseat though power still is a very positive motivator for the customer. The stringent emission norms and customer requirements on driving comfort and performance have made the role of fuel injection equipment much more important


    • Relies on programme maps to regulate operation according to an array of parameters
    • The catalogue of variables embrace engine load and speed, coolant temperature and the volume of the induction-air charge
    • Self monitoring and diagnostic functions
    • Injection pressures extending up to 1200 bar at the nozzle


    • Fast and efficient starts along with smooth, quiet running
    • Cuts fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
    • BS III Compliant