Fuel Injector

  • Product information

    The injector is triggered electronically to inject the fuel into the intake valves of the engine. The smallest contamination or deposits in the fuel can impair the function. The installation of the injector is carried out by means of special retainers in moulded rubber elements. The resulting heat insulation prevents the formation of vapour bubbles, and thus ensures a good hot-start response.


    • Constant functional values
    • Complete freedom from fuel leaks when not activated
    • Optimum delivery of the required quantity of fuel
    • Resistance to fuel deposits
    • Reliable hot-starting of the engine
    • Optimum fuel metering at correct timing
    • Long working life
    • Low fuel consumption
    • High protection against damage to the engine


    • Improved starting performance
    • Immediate acceleration
    • Long service life for exhaust components