Ignition coils

Ignition coils with plenty of plus points – from Bosch as standard
  • Product information

    The ignition coil provides ignition voltage. The induction principle is the basis for the ignition voltage between primary winding and secondary winding. The function of the ignition coil is the amplification of the magnetic field in the secondary windings.A primary voltage of 300 volts will be transformed to nearly 30,000 volts of secondary voltage. Defective ignition coils are regonised by the self diagnosis of the vehicle or by the suitable engine tester


    • All ignition coils are of original equipment quality
    • Specific matched values for ignition energy and ignition voltage
    • Manufactured from high-grade insulating materials
    • Reliable ignition and combustion in all operating ranges
    • Thermal, electrical and chemical stability
    • Good responsiveness, optimum power development and low exhaust emissions
    • Long life and reliability


    • Oustanding intereference suppression and insulation
    • Corrosion-resistant and safe contact plug-in connections
    • Extreme heat and cold resistance from 60oC to over 200oC
    • Resists chemical and mechanical failure
    • Protects engine and catalytic converter
    • Temperature and shock resistance