Lambda Sensors

  • Product information

    Lambda sensors, also known as oxygen sensors, are important emission control devices that assure compliance with the emission laws and to protect the environment. For economic and environmental reasons, the functioning of the sensor should be checked at regular intervals and replaced, if necessary.

    Ready-to-fit and easy to install lambda sensors from Bosch determines the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas and sends a signal to the ECU which adjusts the air-fuel mixture to the optimal level, thus preventing extensive damage to the catalytic converter.

    The mechanical and thermal stability of the sensors provide better maximum engine performance assuring comfort in driving. The sensors also provide up to 15% savings on fuel as compared to a used lambda sensor and also comply with the stringent emission norms.


    • Meets OE Specification
    • Complies with stringent emission standards
    • Low fuel consumption (reduction up to 15%)