Ribbed V-Belts (Poly V-Belts)

  • Product information

    Bosch ribbed V belts have a fibre-reinforced backing and a large power transmitting surface area which gives them high tractability and keeps the belt secure in the pulley. They generate little noise in running and ensure the reliable functioning of all auxiliary devices. The ribbed V belts is designed for a high level of power transmission. Made to OE specifications, Ribbed V belts from Bosch are heat, Oil and crack resistant. Ribbed V-belts are suited for Passenger Cars, Multi utility vehicles (MUV) and Commercial vehicles.


    • Single belt for multiple drives
    • Highly flexible
    • High resistance to heat, wear and tear
    • Low noise and vibration when in use
    • Greater drive stability
    • Larger shock load tolerance
    • Excellent tensile properties