Battery Chargers - C3 & C7

Do you face these problems with your battery?

  • Batteries exhausted from leaving the headlights on over long hours?
  • Sluggish batteries in rarely used convertibles, classic cars etc. especially during winter?
  • Require a battery charger on the go but too bulky to bring along?
  • Product Information

    Re-energise your battery easily with the Bosch C3 and C7 charger


    • Highly recommended for Car owners
    • Simple and intuitive to operate – operating errors are virtually excluded
    • Provide convenient navigation – with a central adjusting button
    • Monitor themselves with an inno¬vative safety concept
    • Convenient single-button operation battery charger
    • Suitable for lead-acid, AGM, wet, and gel batteries
    • Intelligent monitoring and automatic charging – controlled by an internal MCU (microcomputer unit)
    • Charging cable with plug-in connection: Easy to detach, easy to reconnect
    • Ergonomic handling, Rugged, Reliable and Robust Design
    • High quality of cables and termi¬nals: Protected against dust and splashes (IP 65)
    Device Part No:
    DIY Battery Charger C3 0 189 999 03M 7VW
    DIY Battery Charger C7 0 189 999 07M 7VW
  • Technical Specifications
    Parameter C3 C7
    Charging Voltage 14.7V (±0.25V)
    14.4V (±0.25V)
    7.2V (±0.25V)
    28.8V/ 29.4V (±0.25V)
    14.4V/ 14.7V (±0.25V)
    13.6V/ 16.5V (±0.25V)
    Charging Current 3.8A/ 0.8 A (±10%) 7A/ 5A/ 3.5A/ 1.5A (±10%)
    Rated Output current 0.8A/ 3.8A 3.5A/ 7A
    Rated Output Voltage 6V, 12V 12V, 24V
    Rated Input voltage 230V/ 50Hz 230V/ 50Hz
    Rated Input current Max 0.6A Max 1.2A
    Power Input 60W 135W
    Battery Type Lead/acid Lead /acid
    Battery Capacity 6V:1.2Ah-14Ah
    24V: 14Ah-120Ah
    Dimension 185*81*55mm (L*B*H) 197*108*65mm (L*B*H)