Bosch Brake Pads

Brakes from Bosch: No compromises when it comes to safety
  • Product Information

    Superior all-weather performance for a truly safe drive

    Bosch Brake pads have been specially formulated to give you assured stopping power, whatever be the driving conditions. Asbestos-free Bosch brake pads ensure enhanced all-weather driving comfort with excellent stopping distance from the very first stop. Because when it comes to safety there are no second chances. Bosch Brake pads are manufactured to power a safe and comfortable drive.


    • Advanced friction technology
    • Asbestos free construction
    • Optimum co-efficient of friction
    • Better NVH (noise, vibration and harshness characteristics)
    • Outstanding high temperature performance


    • Excellent stopping distance
    • Elimination of exposure to harmful cancer causing materials.
    • Enhanced pedal response
    • Improved driving comfort
    • Resistance to fading
  • Application
    Part No: Application
    Force Motors
    0986AB4402-8F8 Tempo Traveller
    0986AB4401-8F8 Matiz
    0986AB4400-8F8 Cielo
    F002H60041-8F8 Nexia
    0986AB4403-8F8 Uno (Diesel)
    F002H60038-8F8 Ikon
    F002H23642-8F8 Fiesta
    F002H23652-8F8 Figo
    General Motors
    0986AB4413-8F8 Opel Astra
    0986AB4414-8F8 Opel Corsa
    F002H60040-8F8 Tavera
    F002H60041-8F8 Chevrolet Optra
    F002H23639-8F8 Chevrolet Aveo
    Hindustan Motors
    0986AB4404-8F8 Ambassador
    0986AB4405-8F8 City
    0986AB4407-8F8 Santro Zip Plus
    0986AB4406-8F8 Santro Xing
    F002H60033-8F8 Accent
    F002H60034-8F8 Sonata
    F002H23605-8F8 i10
    F002H23638-8F8 Verna
    Mahindra & Mahindra
    F002H60043-8F8 Scorpio
    F002H23609-8F8 Logan
    F002H23653-8F8 Xylo
    F002H23683-8F8 Maxximo
    F002H23684-8F8 Scorpio (Mhawk)
    Maruti Suzuki
    F002H60036-8F8 Swift
    0986AB7525-8F8 800cc
    0986AB4409-8F8 Gypsy
    0986AB4411-8F8 Zen
    0986AB4410-8F8 Alto / WagonR
    0986AB4418-8F8 1000
    F002H60037-8F8 Baleno
    F002H23650-8F8 Eeco / A-Star
    F002H23607-8F8 SX4
    0 986 AB4 412-8F8 Lancer
    F002H23606-8F8 Octavia-Front
    F002H23610-8F8 Superb-Front
    F002H23611-8F8 Fabia-Front
    F002H23612-8F8 Laura-Front
    Tata Motors
    F002H60032-8F8 Indica
    F002H60030-8F8 207 / SU / S / E
    F002H23640-8F8 Indica Vista / Ace One Ton
    F002H60031-8F8 Indigo
    F002H23641-8F8 Winger
    F002H23649-8F8 Indigo TDI
    0986AB4417-8F8 Qualis
    F002H60 035-8F8 Innova