Bosch Glow Plugs

  • Product Information

    Glow Plugs are heating elements of known resistance. They are introduced in the pre-combustion chamber in such a way that when heated the glow plug comes into contact with the cold fuel-air mixture pumped by the fuel injection system, enabling the cold engine to achieve compression ignition

    Bosch Glow Plugs are available for a wide range of diesel engines using Indirect injection and are made by using state-of-the-art technology from Bosch, Germany. Bosch Glow plugs are manufactured using superior, patented Dual-Coil technology that ensures quick glow with minimum current from the battery


    • Depending on the type, Bosch Glow plugs can attain optimum temperatures at the appropriate time thus ensuring a quick start under all climatic conditions
    • Nickel coating in the plug makes them resistant to corrosion and thus increasing life of the plugs
    • The patented Dual-coil technology enables the plug to provide the required current temperature with minimum time and with minimum amount of current from the battery.
    • Bosch Glow Plugs have post-glow capability which helps in a complete and quieter combustion of diesel fuel during the warm-up phase. The engine runs smoothly right from the start and exhaust emissions are considerably reduced