Bosch High Pressure Pipes

Bosch High Pressure Pipes
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    A pioneer in diesel fuel injection equipment, Bosch has decades of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing of high pressure fuel injection pipes. Designed to sustain injection pressures up to 1600 bars, Bosch diesel High pressure pipes are the preferred choice for both diesel engineers and specialists. These easy-to-fit pipes are available for a wide range of diesel engines and pumps, and is designed to function effectively even in the most extreme conditions.


    • Manufactured from special low-carbon steel conforming to international standards
    • Special coating prevents corrosion and rust
    • High quality basic seamless steel tube,
    • Uniform inner bore diameter and fine finish to ensure smooth fuel flow
    • Conforms to OEM specification


    • Trouble-free performance of the injectors due to clean and uniform bore finish
    • Uniform injection of diesel due to closely controlled bore diameter
    • Formed and heat-treated nipple for extended pipe life
    • Manufactured and assembled in a dust-free environment to produce technologically superior high pressure pipes
    • Stable and consistent operation even at higher temperatures