Bosch Coolants

  • Product Information

    Ethylene glycol based coolants from Bosch contain anti-freeze ingredients imparting protection from freezing, overheating, rust and corrosion. Bosch offers 2 varieties of coolants – Coolant Concentrate & Tropical Coolants, both of which are concentrated to be used with water in a ratio of 1:3, coolant to water.

    Bosch coolants are recommended for use in Passenger Cars, Light and Heavy commercial vehicles where the specification is in line with the OE recommendation


    • Ensures rapid heat exchange with excellent heat transfer, hence optimum engine cooling and longer engine life.
    • The corrosion inhibitors protect the interior surfaces of the radiators from rust & corrosion.
    • Higher ratio of glycol ensures better heat transfer from the radiators providing quicker cooling.
    • Lower viscosity ensures lower pumping requirements.
  • Typical Characteristics
    Parameter Bosch Coolant Conc. Bosch Auto cool
    Boiling Point, Deg C 155 109
    Freezing Point, Deg C -34 -11
    Glycol Content 95% 45%
    Specific Gravity (gm/cc)
    @ 20Deg C
    1.114 1.07
    Foaming, ml 4 Max 4 Max
    Colour Green Green
    Water Content % 2 -5% 55 – 60%