Bosch Pulse

  • Product Information

    Bosch Pulse API SL SAE 10W 30 is a premium petrol engine oil developed for use in modern petrol cars. It is formulated using superior viscosity index base oils and is designed keeping in view the high temperature operating conditions encountered in the engines. This is recommended for ultra-modern petrol cars that are powered by engines with advanced technology.


    • Excellent protection of engine components against wear, rust and corrosion.
    • Less thickening of oil due to its excellent thermo-oxidative stability.
    • Ensure smooth running of engine in all climatic conditions.
    • Enhanced catalytic converter life due to improved harmonization.
  • Typical Characteristics
    Characteristics Typical Values
    Kin. Vis. @ 40ºC. c St. 73.25
    Kin. Vis. @ 100ºC. c St. 10.74
    Viscosity Index 136
    TBN, mg KOH/gm. 7.62
    Flash Point, Deg C 234
    Pour Point, Deg C -30
    Density @ 29.5ºC, gm/ml 0.855