Bosch Platinum - Iridium

  • Product Information

    Platinum is the most precious of all the precious metal. And it is also the most valuable for Bosch spark plugs, as it offers the lowest thermal and electrical conductivity of any of the precious metal as well as the least thermal expansion. Due to the fact that it is largely resistant to corrosion, Bosch platinum spark plugs also have a particularly long service life. Our platinum iridium spark plugs feature a copper core and precious metal electrodes. Double platinum spark plugs are provided with laser-welded platinum tips (center electrode) or the electrode is platinum-tipped (ground electrode).


    • Centre electrode has a unique combination of platinum and iridium
    • Nickel plated shell
    • Suppression resistor


    • Maximum service life and highest wear resistance
    • Reliable starting performance and better acceleration
    • Prevents misfiring which results in increased engine smoothness and maximum power
    • Complete fuel consumption for enhanced fuel efficiency
    • Improved cold start ability
    • Total engine protection; corrosion resistant
    • Protect electronic systems and radio reception