Bosch Super Plus

Bosch Super Plus
  • Product Information

    Bosch Super Plus Spark Plugs deliver quality performance based on technology that's proven on racetracks around the world in the most sophisticated racing engines. Testing has confirmed the durability of yttrium-enhanced center electrodes. Now Bosch brings these benefits to you in Bosch Super Plus, the longest-lasting copper core spark plug on the market.


    • Heavy-duty yttrium-enhanced copper core center electrode
    • Tapered, v-profile nickel chromium ground electrode
    • Nickel-plated rolled threads
    • Metal glass fused resistor
    • Angular, five-ribbed insulator design


    • Superior reliability and durability for 50% longer performance life vs. even OE plugs
    • Improved starting in cold weather and increased fuel ignitability
    • Complete anti-seize and corrosion protection
    • Maximum interference suppression
    • Prevents misfire due to current leakage