Bosch Platinum - Iridium Fusion

Bosch Platinum - Iridium Fusion
  • Product Information

    Latest in spark plug technology, Bosch platinum-iridium fusion spark plugs features a patented, fused iridium and platinum centre electrode, combined with exclusive surface air gap firing technology to produce a longer, more powerful spark. Its four yttrium-enhanced ground electrode design outperforms OE iridium plugs by significantly reducing gap wear. This means less stress on the ignition system for quicker starts, more efficient fuel combustion, and a longer performance life. In addition, Fusion's voltage requirement increases less over time versus other iridium plugs for longer reliable performance of the vehicle's ignition system.


    • Unique heat-fused, platinum-iridium centre electrode for exceptional wear resistance and longest service life
    • Revolutionary surface-gap firing technology, featuring multiple spark paths for the most efficient combustion and optimum horsepower
    • Four yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes for maximum power and exceptional peformance life
    • Improved cold-start ability for less fuel condensation due to fine centre electrode
    • Interference-suppression resistor for undisturbed radio reception
    • Surpasses original equipment recommendations for superior operation under all driving conditions
    • Reaches self-cleaning temperature only seconds after starting for improved wear and oxidation resistance
    • Factory pre-set gap for easy installation and zero adjustment requirement
    • Low ignition voltage required due to surface-gap technology for quicker starts and superior engine operation


    • Multiple spark paths for maximum horsepower
    • Provides ultimate engine performance
    • Longest service life up to 1 lac km
    • Maximum engine protection