Bosch Diesel Service

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  • Overview

    Worldwide demand for qualified diesel specialists

    Today’s diesel technology is developing at a dynamic rate never seen before. The new high-pressure diesel injection systems used in commercial vehicles and cars give diesel engines better fuel economy and more power. These are the best prerequisites for more and more diesel vehicles to take to the roads. As a result, diesel vehicles are also becoming more popular in the passenger car and light commercial vehicle segments. Although these modern technologies increase the challenges for diesel specialists, the increasing popularity of diesel vehicles offers good service opportunities.

    BDS – The diesel component repairer

    Through its qualification as specialist for diesel component repair, the Bosch Diesel Service can always offer the solution for any broken diesel component. The Bosch Diesel Service has all the Bosch equipment, tools and spare parts needed to perform this task. It covers all the component repairs of the most widespread diesel systems on the market, both for conventional and modern high-pressure injection systems.

    The advantage of the Bosch Diesel Service is that it can also assess if the repair is economically feasible for the customer. If the product is heavily damaged, it can offer a replacement product from Bosch at a competitive price. The Bosch Diesel Service can also be authorized for aftersales service and warranty work on Bosch Diesel systems. The necessary training and knowledge is supplied by Bosch.